June 17, 2024
5 Essential Herbs You Should Have In Your Garden

When it comes to gardening, colorful flowers, unique-shaped leaves, and tall trees are usually the greenery people add to make their yards beautiful and well-assembled. While ornamental plants are ideal for creating the garden of many people’s dreams, herbs are vital to have a healthier lifestyle and save money on shopping for pricey herbs.

If you have plans to grow an edible garden, consider planting these five herbs. Not only are they easy to grow, but they might also change your culinary routine.

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Basil is an herb that grows all year round. Its bright green color is perfect for creating a rich verdant carpet in your garden. Basil is a staple herb for many Italian cuisines such as pasta, pizza, and salad. Plant this herb in your backyard or palette planter to have easy access to fresh basil leaves to season your favorite dishes. Pretend like you’re dining in an Asian restaurant by adding a generous amount of basil in your dishes.


Ginger is a staple herb in most Asian cuisines. Its rich, savory, and spicy flavor is part of many well-loved Chinese and Filipino dishes. Plant ginger in your yard to quickly have a flavorful herb for your soups, fried rice, and stews. You’ll be able to mimic authentic Chinese flavors from restaurants in Santa Mesa, such as Mann Hann, Mongkok, and Ming’s Garden. Ginger can also be grown in pots or balcony areas of high-rise developments like The Silk Residences. Whether you live in a house or a condo unit, ginger is a must-have herb for every household.


Rosemary is a fragrant herb that is perfect for seasoning your steaks and adding flavor and scent to your stews and soups. It also goes well with cuts of fish, especially salmon. The ancient Greeks believed that rosemary was essential for brain health and memory. Add rosemary to your favorite dishes to improve your brainpower for work and everyday routine.

Due to its evergreen-like structure, rosemary is also ideal for decorating your Christmas dinner table and mantle. Got extra dried rosemary? Add it to your potpourri pot to make your home smelling fresh and ready for the holidays


If you are looking for an herb that you can grow in pots and portable planters, thyme is your best bet. Place your thyme in a sunny area and water them during the day for optimal hydration. Gather your mint-like thyme leaves to season your favorite salads, dishes, and detox water.


The chilly, slightly spicy, and refreshing taste of mint is perfect for making tea and garnishing salads and desserts. Like its cousin thyme, mint should be planted in sunny spots to encourage their best growth. Mint tends to spread in unwanted areas, so it is best to plant them in pots or containers.

Nowadays, growing fresh herbs doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Start with these five herbs to keep your food flavorful and your drinks tasty. Your garden will also be decorated, fragrant, and attractive.