July 15, 2024

No one wants to look fat or unhealthy. Each one of us wishes to get in great shape and admire those who are. But going through a fitness regime is not always the easiest way. Many among us are stuck in a lifestyle that leaves little room for any extra activity. Normal dieting requires regular exercise to burn the fat that is already stored in the body. However, that isn’t always an option for everyone. Not to mention, this is a long-term process that needs time to give the result. HCG diet is a unique means to lose all that excess fat from the body without actually going through a tenacious exercise regime. The diet itself will cut down all the excess fat in the body and gift you a fat-free body within a span of less than 1 month.

The secret of HCG Diet Plan

Many think that the main secret to the success of the HCG diet is the HCG hormone itself. However, in reality, HCG hormones are an important part of the HCG diet plan but do not actively acts as an agent to reduce fat in the body. The main secret is the strict diet plan that needs to be followed all through the HCG diet plan. The HCG drops or injections must be taken as prescribed, but you need to stick to the diet plan and never deviate from it.

HCG hormones or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormones are known as pregnancy hormones. It is because this hormone is secreted in large quantity by a woman who is pregnant, and it is a definite marker to identify if a woman is indeed pregnant or not. However, this hormone has been found to be responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism level in the body even when the body does not receive enough food. The hormone can also help with the craving for excess food. Moreover, the hormone provides energy boosts to the body when the body isn’t receiving the required energy from the food being consumed. While these are really helpful to the mother during pregnancy, it is also extremely useful to any person who is going to follow an extremely low-calorie diet. The HCG diet plan does just that!

Anyone who is considering getting into the HCG diet program has one common question. What to eat and what not to eat while on the HCG diet plan? Since the HCG diet is divided over three phases, it is quite natural to be curious about what are your HCG diet menu options each week? Well, there are plenty of recipes that you will find. I will give you a brief idea about which food items to include and which ones you should avoid while on the HCG diet.

What to eat and what not to eat during HCG diet?

This is a rather difficult question for many since food items do not come with calories marked over them at all times. It is also quite impractical to go to the store with your mobile in your hand, checking out the calorie content of each item before buying. Here is an easy solution. Read on to know about the list of food items that are allowed and those that are not when on the HCG diet plan.


The breakfast is one thing that you should probably skip altogether while on the HCG diet. It cannot contain any solid food. Actually, the HCG diet plan will not include any solid food at any time of the day besides the lunch and dinner. You can start your day with a cup of tea or coffee. But remember that you cannot take sugar with these drinks. If you have an issue having black coffee or black tea without sugar, you may opt for the natural sweetener. It is a much better and approved alternative. HCG diet does not allow more than 1 tablespoon of milk in a day. You can use this in your morning cup of tea or coffee. Remember, there is no fixed quantity as to how much tea or coffee you are allowed to drink.

Lunch and Dinner

The lunch and dinner are the main meals of the day that are allowed and consist of the food in the required amount that will constitute of the daily calorie intake level. You will have to include vegetables and carbohydrates in a very small amount in these meals. What you will also need to keep in mind is that you cannot include fat in your diet. You will be on a 500 calorie diet and fat has high-calorie content of 9 calories per gram. If you try to include fat, it will reduce the amount of food way too much. You will be including fat-free protein in your diet during these two meals so that you get the required amount of protein and sufficient amount of food to take you through the day while not upsetting the calorie count.

Meat or other protein sources

Lean or fat-free protein sources generally include various types of meat. The meat types that are allowed in your lunch and dinner are crabs, lobster, prawn, fresh fish with white flesh, chicken breast, non-marbled beef, veal, and shrimp. What you cannot have are the fishes that have high-fat content, such as tuna, eel, herring, salmon, and all types of dried and pickled fish. You will have to weigh the meat that you are having all through the day and manually remove any fat that you can see. You can only have the fish or meat after boiling or grilling. Those who are not meat or fish eaters can go for eggs. The vegetarians can opt for cottage cheese containing low fat to get the necessary amount of protein in the diet.


Just because you think vegetables are great for health does not mean that you are allowed to have large quantities of veggies in your HCG diet. You can only include one vegetable per meal and you will need to choose the low-calorie vegetables. The vegetables that you can have include spinach, red radish, fennel, tomato, cabbage, asparagus, beet green, chicory, onion, chard, and cucumber. What you need to keep in mind is that you cannot use oil or sauce or butter along with the veggies. Most vegetables are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients and minerals. They also provide the fiber content in the diet. Thus, including one vegetable is necessary for the meal.


The carbs are what make the entire meal tasty. It is quite difficult to imagine a diet without the carbs in it. Do not fear, the HCG diet won’t put you in a completely carb-free diet. You are allowed to have one piece Melba or one breadstick with your meal. Moreover, you will be able to include one orange, or one apple, or half a grapefruit or one handful or strawberries along with your meal. It is important that you stick to the mentioned portion.

Additional points to remember

There is simply no limit to the amount of tea, coffee or water that you can drink. But, never include sugar or milk in this list. Also, you simply cannot have alcohol or any alcoholic beverages. Keep in mind that this is a strictly regulated diet. If you are planning on getting the desired benefits, there is no other alternative and no tinkering with the diet chart. And, drink plenty of water. It will greatly benefit you.