July 15, 2024

The modern market is based on the customer’s choices. Since there is a lot of competition in the market, therefore the customers have way more options to choose from. Therefore it is needless to say that customer retention is becoming a challenge for the restaurant owners. In order to improve the service standards and ensure that the customers are being served as they desired, attaining the feedback from the patrons is very important. And the best way of being able to do so is through customer satisfaction surveys.

However, it is not very simple and easy to put together customer satisfaction surveys. TellNoodles customer satisfaction surveys require tie and attention to ensure maximum benefit. Here are a few tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while arranging a customer satisfaction survey so that the results are maximized:

Objectives And Aim:

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Customer satisfaction surveys always have an aim. The purpose and aim of the survey should be determined beforehand. Before starting to arrange the customer satisfaction survey, ensure that every part of the survey is managed while keeping in mind this objective. It is easy to lose way and start beating about the bush when doing a survey, having a clear objective will ensure that this does not happen.

Mix Of Questions:

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The format of the customer satisfaction survey should be set in a way that it contains a mix of questions. There should be fill in the blanks, short answer questions as well as the multiple choice questions. This way the customer can express his feedback in a variety of different ways.

Direct Questions:

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Avoid asking indirect and complex questions. The questions of the survey should be straightforward so that the customer can provide the best feedback possible. While putting together customer satisfaction surveys, have all types of questions. It is important to have the customer highlight the areas of service that need, but at the same time, the customers should also be given a chance to critique your service.


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The interface and the look of the customer satisfaction surveys are also very important. The interface must be user-friendly. Use fonts and font sizes that are easily readable. Moreover, it is also recommended to use colorful backgrounds. The surveys should be interactive and bright so that the customers do not feel bored and pressurized.

Online Surveys:

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Online surveys should be preferred over the ones that are based on paper. This is because online reviews are easy to access. They are far more convenient to handle for both the customers as well as the restaurant management. Moreover, online surveys are also better because they are interactive and have a better user interface as compared to the traditional paper-based polls.

The work just gets started when the surveys are put together. Bear in mind that the goal of the surveys is to collect feedback and suggestions from the patrons. Therefore the best utility of the surveys is attained if the information and statistics collected are put to good use.