July 15, 2024
Art Tips

One important aspect of a barista’s job is to make great tasting specialty coffee drinks that not only provide the customer with a hot, or cold, beverage, but enough value to keep them coming back. While taste and quality are a big part of this, the appearance of the drink plays an important role as well. This is where latte art comes into play.

Growing in popularity, latte art can transform your average specialty coffee drink into a work of art that your customers are sure to enjoy. And it doesn’t matter what type of coffee you use, whether it is compostable coffee pods or organic coffee capsules, the results will be dramatic when you use our easy latte tips. Let’s get started:

Easy Latte Art Tips For Baristas

Silky And Smooth Milk – the milk is what will hold the latte art together so you want it to be as silky and smooth as possible. To make your milk the perfect consistency for any specialty coffee drink, there are a few things you need to get right:

Position- be sure to position your wand in the center of your pitcher and lean your pitcher just a bit so it is a third of the way down the side.

Air In The Milk- you need just the right amount of air in your milk if your latte art is going to last and look good. Whether you are making hearts, swans, tulips, Rosetta’s or fans, having the right amount of air in your milk will make it a lot easier.

Temperature- the temperature of your steamed milk is very important. Too hot and your latte art will fall apart right away. Too cold, and you won’t be able to create any artwork at all. The perfect temperature for steamed milk is between 55 and 62 degrees Celsius.

Create A Base- before you can even begin to create your latte art, you have to have a good base. Pour your milk gently through the crema and let the dark brown layer be your base. Then, using two pouring heights, 5cm and 0.5cm from the surface of the drink, you can begin pouring your latte art. Start pouring in the middle of the cup, then in spiral moves around the cup.

Get Close- now that you have your base, lean your cup slightly and get closer to it. Begin to pour your design and take your time. Make sure that your hand is comfortable and that you are holding the cup firmly.

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