July 15, 2024
Trying Foods From Around The World

Trying foods from around the world is a great way of experiencing regions culinary delights. There are variety of fantastic food from around the world that helps to maintain body weight and longevity. However, when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body, every culture has the answer. It’s now time to settle down at international dinner table and come up with a healthy meal plan.

Out of all the tasty international recipes, there are those recipes that you should incorporate in your meal plans.

For example, Japanese are believed to have the longest life expectancies in the world. This is mainly because, they love to eat smaller portion more gradually, a lot of fish, grains and vegetables. Sushi is their most admired dish in North America. Sushi contains healthy fats and protein and when taken with just a little rice and some fruit for dessert, it becomes a perfect balanced diet. If you would like to try sushi, you can also make it healthier by using low sodium soy sauce, brown rice or ordering sashimi instead of sushi.

Mediterranean diet is loaded with beans, leafy greens, fiber, whole grains and lean protein. You are going to love this diet because it’s much satisfying and easy to stick with. According to health experts, the Mediterranean diets beats a low fat plan in terms of amount of weight lost and kept off.
What really matters most is not the foods we eat, it is how we eat them.

Take for instance French food; they are rich delicacies with a lot of cheese, wine creamy sauces and breads. French people prefer to buy a lot of fresh food instead of boxed and processed food that we usually buy. They also love to include wine in their diet, which has healthy heart benefits to people over the age of 40. The interesting thing to learn from French people is that, you should eat what you like, just buy it fresh and don’t overdo it.

Some African cuisines such as Gambia are used to add nuts in their diet. They even consider them as their main meal. They prefer tomato and peanut stew as their favorite meal. This is the reason why it’s very rare to hear cases of weight problems in Gambia. They also have the lowest incidences of cancer internationally.

In North America, we love the large bowls of pasta for dinner. However, in Italy it is often just one small component of the whole meal. Noodle dishes are often very popular in some cultures in Asia. The noodles are prepared using rice or eggs and are often components of soup or fried after boiling.
If you are interested in trying Thai food, they sometimes try to include green mango or Papaya in salad. However, In North America, people love their many options for greens such as spinach, sprouts, arugula and other varieties of lettuce.

Trying foods from around the world and modifying them to your own taste makes your diet nutritious, adventurous and fun.