July 15, 2024

A trend that is seen very often by us is having drinks on any kind of celebration. Most of the drinks preferred by people have whiskey in it. We can find whiskey lovers everywhere around us especially in a country like the USA. People are very fond of whiskey and want to try new kinds of drinks made through whiskey each day. A good idea is not always going out with friends in a bar and ordering a drink to celebrate something but it can also be calling your friends at your place and making drinks, say cocktails together or just staying at home alone and making a drink for yourself.

Now the questions about how to make drinks for yourself at home? You don’t need to worry about this as we are here to tell you about the easy drinks that you can make at home with whiskey. Read about them below.

Meyer’s lemon whiskey:

Are you planning to throw a huge party at home any time soon? When you plan a huge party the major thing you worry about is the drinks that you will keep there. Meyer’s lemon whiskey is a drink that is best for huge parties. You can understand by its name that lemon is the main ingredient of this drink. All you have to do is combine lemons and any syrup in a pitcher. When you will be serving it keeps the glasses having ice cubes in it ready and then just add this mixture and then add whiskey and stir. Your drink is ready.

The revolver:

This is the easiest drink. The revolver is a 4 ingredient drink that can be prepared easily if you follow the instructions below with the availability of these ingredients. Are you a bourbon lover? Then this is the perfect drink that you can make. You can select any bourbon that you like with orange bitters. Another two ingredients are coffee liquor and an orange peel. You have to mix all these 4 ingredients. I am sure you would love the taste of this drink if you are a bourbon lover.

Irish Mule:

This drink is the combination of two things that is a mule and a whiskey. An Irish mule is for the mule lovers. Now the question is how it is made so let me tell you. You should have a mule, lime juice, whiskey, and ginger beer for it. Mix all these things and get the experience of having the best drink made of a mule and whiskey mainly. Ginger beer can be added to make it sweeter and whiskey can be added to make it stiffer. The choice is yours.

Giro d’italia:

This is a drink that is made from a bourbon whiskey. Along with a bourbon whiskey you need other ingredients too. Those ingredients include cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, lemon juice, syrup, and some ice cubes of course. All these ingredients should be mixed in a cocktail shaker. Pour it in glass ready with ice cubes. Where are you bourbon whiskey lovers? You should try it at your home.

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New Orleans Sazerac:

Want to have a worth sipping a drink? Want to have a drink that has a unique taste and you would love making it again and again for yourself? New Orleans Sazerac is the perfect drink to have then. This drink is made up of rye whiskey mainly. The USA is very famous for selling rye whiskeys. You need to buy a rye whiskey online. Write buy wine online on google and get to know about the online wine stores. You also need to buy a Peychaud’s bitters that are sold by many American Sazerac companies. Mix these two ingredients and add sugar cubes in it, Garnish it with a slice of lemon and serve it in an old-fashioned glass.


Do you want to have a drink that has a flavor of both the grapefruit and fresh raspberry? Blinker is the drink you should go for. You can purchase fresh raspberry syrup from any store near you. In the USA people have their gardens where they grow their desired fruits and vegetables so for those they can have their grapefruits and for the ones who don’t have a garden can purchase. Other than these two things you need a rye whiskey. Get your rye whiskey from any store selling wine bottles. Mix these three things in a shaker. Serve it in a cocktail glass with a grapefruit twist used for garnishing.

Old fashioned:

Most of the time you are so lazy that neither you want to go to a bar to have a drink and nor you have to make a drink for yourself. Then what is the solution to it? The old fashioned drink is the solution. You don’t have to spend hours buying or looking for too many ingredients or say the ingredients that are often available at few places. For an old-fashioned drink, all you need is sugar cubes, bitters of orange, and a bourbon whiskey. Shake these three together and make a drink for yourself in just a few minutes without putting in the extra effort.

These drinks are the easiest drinks to make at home with whiskey. I am sure you would love these.