July 15, 2024

Everyone has their heart on desserts as it is a crucial part of every meal. Dessert can be anything delicious that you can eat after your main course. No one can avoid desserts as there is always room for desserts because someone has rightly said,  “Desserts does not go to the stomach; it directly goes to the heart.” If you are a brownie lover, then Indeed you came to the right place! You can look for delicious chocolate brownie cake at the cupcake room. In this article, you will know about some delicious desserts that you should definitely try.


Cupcakes are small and spongy cakes designed for one person. These cute little cakes are the perfect match for your munch time. It has a smooth and creamy texture, and its beautiful decoration steals everyone’s heart. Remember, the good things always come in minimalistic packages and cupcakes are the proof.


Lamington is delicious small squares of vanilla cake dipped in chocolate frosting with sprinkled coconut topping on it. This is how yummy lamington is made. Everyone loves to eat it, and that’s why it is tagged as “National cake of Australia”. You can have it anytime.

Tim Tam:

If you are from Australia, then you must know how important it is to you. It is two biscuits between which there is a thin and soft layer of delicious cream and a coating of chocolate over it. One cant resists it having after seeing it. You can have this with your hot chocolate milk or your coffee anything you want to. Just remember the warmer your drink is, the tastier it becomes.


It is the most favourite dessert of the people, including both adults and children. People love to eat this in summertime dazzling under the sun and having fun. It comes in large varieties and flavours the most indulging flavour is chocolate pavlova serving with fresh berries. It is for sure that if you had a slice of it, then you will not be able to resist yourself by grabbing another one. It is a mouthwatering dessert after having which you will be gone at cloud nine.

dessert-main-image-molten-cake-0fbd4f2.jpg (768×574)

Chocolate Crackle:

It is also known as chocolate bubble cake. Children in Australia love to have this at their birthday parties, sharing parties at their school or in their snack time. It is their traditional treats to heaven. If you want to give any bribe to a child, then it is the best option. One can easily make it at their home by using simple ingredients that is sugar, dried coconut, crispy rice. It is the best healthy snack you can offer.


The same company also makes it as Tim tam is made. The world is not aware of these biscuits; that’s why there is no traffic about it. It is made up of sweet butter biscuits on which there is raspberry jam, and beautiful pink icing and coconut have been sprinkled on it. If you ever eat these biscuits, you never forget its taste, and you will surely be adding in your cart every time.