July 15, 2024


When it comes to food, one of the best features is its subjective nature. Even in the local community, everybody has a different favourite restaurant because they enjoy different foods. Therefore, this list is based on accolades and overall support from both experts and customers. These restaurants are equipped with the best food, ambiance, and front of house staff. Their kitchens are loaded with some of the top Chefs, and Electrolux Professional equipment you can find. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Australia!

Quay (Sydney)

It’s hard to start anywhere else when head chef Peter Gilmore delicately presents amazing food, natural ingredients, and an abundance of textures. The seating area sits on the water just across from the Opera House, and views don’t get much better than this.

Attica (Melbourne)

Nobody can accuse Attica of standing still, and this is because they experiment with new ingredients every single year. If you want to experience indigenous cuisine, Ben Shewry and Attica will welcome you with open arms.

Cutler & Co (Melbourne)

Returning to Melbourne again now for a restaurant that recently underwent a renovation after a decade in the industry. As well as a sleek design, Cutler & Co offers fine dining at a new level – a level where diners have more control than in most restaurants.

Momofuku Seiobo (Sydney)

If you’re ever in Sydney and have a hankering for Caribbean food, there’s only one place to go, and the locals will tell you the same – Momofuku Seiobo. Paul Carmichael, head chef, has a history that spans back to Puerto Rico and Barbados. This shines through in the delicious, flavour-packed food.

Brae (Birregurra)

Arrive at Brae and you’ll notice that the whole restaurant looks understated, but don’t take this one lightly. Even if it requires an overnight stay to make it worth your while, you won’t regret giving this country-based restaurant a chance. Everything on the menu is fresh, imaginative, and filled with flavour.

Magill Estate Restaurant (Magill)

There are a few words to describe the Magill Estate Restaurant – idyllic, attention to detail, style, and class. The staff are welcoming and speak softly to enhance the relaxed atmosphere, and the food is something you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry. While some choose shaved squid, others go for egg snacks, beluga caviar, or sumptuous lamb.

Orana (Adelaide)

Moving across to Adelaide for the first time, Orana is another that explores native ingredients while focusing on a fine dining eating experience. While sitting, you’ll be surrounded by aboriginal artwork and you won’t want to leave in a hurry after sitting on the luxurious furniture.

Sixpenny (Sydney)

With Sixpenny, the restaurant is another based in a cottage, and it welcomes all visitors after just the first step. Though based in a suburban location, the food is anything but with sweet potato crisps, kangaroo tartare, delicious steaks, and more.

Ester (Sydney)

If you like warm, Sunday, comfort food, Ester is one of the best places to go in Sydney. With a wood-fired oven, get ready for roasted dishes and food that warms the heart. While some choose oysters, others go for roasted prawns or cured bonito.

Laura (Merricks)

Finally, there’s no better way to finish the list than with a restaurant that has the perfect location and the perfect menu. Overlooking the Pt. Leo Estate Sculpture Park, the restaurant is higher than most but comfortable for all visitors. When in the restaurant, most people find it hard to ignore the creamed potatoes and goat’s cheese.

Which restaurant will you choose? Are there any that should be on this list? If you plan to travel around Australia in search of dream-like food and experiences, you won’t go far wrong with these establishments!