July 16, 2024

Looking at all the glamorous and tasty desserts in pictures and on TV might seem something very exciting and it might occur to you that making desserts or simply cooking food is an easy task. Well, it is not! If you are beginning to learn how to bake and to become a Master Baker, you have to have a lot of things in mind. Using the right tools and knowing their names is one of them. Knowing the names of baking tools might not seem to something important, but it is always good to get acquainted with things in your kitchen

You can learn a thing or two about baking on the internet where there is a whole lot of content available regarding baking in the form of videos. Apart from that, there are countless cooking shows that you can watch on Cable TV. You can have a look at the different cooking programs and challenges that air on Select TV channels by Spectrum. Let’s have a look at the different tools that you can use in the kitchen to bake or make a dessert at home:

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking is a game of precision and having a full set of measuring cups and different spoons that can get the job done is necessary. It is not wise to think that you can create the perfect dessert or bake a cake with just a single type of measuring cup.

To get things done, you will need to use both dry and wet measuring cups to get an accurate measurement for all your ingredients. Other than getting the right measuring cups and spoons you must also make sure that you keep all these cups at a place where you can reach them easily as you must be needing them all the time.

Rubber Spatula or Scraper

This is another widely used baking tool that is ideal for scraping the batter or the dough to the last bit. You can use it for scraping your dough and batter out of the pan, taking out jam out of the jar and for many other tasks in the kitchen.

If you are dealing with dry or wet ingredients for your desserts, the rubber spatula or Scraper can prove to be super handy. If you talk about durability, a silicone scraper is known to last even in high temperatures

Pastry Brush

This is one of the most handy tools that you can use to grease your pan before you pour in some cake batter. You can also use the Pastry Brush to coat your dough with melted butter or egg wash.

One of the most precise uses of a pastry brush is to use it as a painting brush on the top of a piecrust where you are supposed to “paint” it with milk. If you are a professional pastry chef or baker, you can find this very useful in the kitchen.

Kitchen Scissors

These are some really important tools that not only can help you in baking or preparing desserts but also come in handy when your preparing other recipes as well. These might vary in size as you might not want a large-size knife or a small knife that it becomes complicated for many people to handle scissors that do not fit in their fingers.

You can use kitchen scissors to snip out fresh herbs, open up containers and packages that are too difficult to open and cut out parchments to fit in your pan.

Wooden Spoon for Stirring

This is one of the handiest tools to use and you can use a single spoon to get done with different tasks. You can use a wooden spoon for doing all kinds of stirring tasks as they are very sturdy and you can use them for the treatment of doughs that are thick and heavy. It is a good thing if you can wash them with your hands so that they don’t crack. There are so many wooden spoon options that you can buy online

Rolling Pin

For bakers and many other professionals who love to work out different recipes, having a rolling pin is a must-have. These are very useful if you are looking forward to roll out pie crusts, puff pastries and cookie dough. Rolling pins are also very useful if you want to crush something to sprinkle on top of your food. All you need to do is seal food items like crackers, cookies, or chips in a sealable bag and use your rolling pin to smash them into tiny bits and pieces.

These are some of the tools that you must know about if you are fond of baking and love to try out new recipes at home. You can buy many of this kitchen equipment on Amazon and different outlets in your area.

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