July 16, 2024
Everyday Appetizers

Simple appetizers make the ordinary feel extraordinary.

Moms and dads everywhere know that the myth of the “witching hour” is anything but a myth. The hour before dinner is when patience ebbs and tempers rise for everyone in the house. What’s the solution? Appetizers. They’re fun, they’re easy, and they take the edge off a tense time of day. A few bites of a fun appetizer always brings smiles.

The key to a weeknight appetizer is low, low prep. The temperature in the house won’t go down if the appetizer takes extra work. Here are three super easy ideas for weeknight apps that are sure to please:

Mozzarella Sticks

Delicious organic mozzarella cheese sticks are a family favorite. Pop a tray in the oven, and in no time at all, your unruly bunch is using their mouths for munching rather than complaining. Serve these alone or alongside your favorite dipping sauce. Our favorites? Marinara is an obvious choice, but BBQ sauce or a tangy Asian sauce are also tasty. Whatever you choose, make it easy. Jarred sauces are perfect. Use what you have on hand; everyone will love it.

Chicken Nuggets on a Stick

Chicken nuggets are a great way to get a bite of protein into hungry kids. To make this unique, stick a toothpick into each baked nugget. It’s a gimmick for sure, but it’s a gimmick that always works. Kids love food on a stick, and they love to dip. Chicken nuggets served on a stick with some ranch, BBQ, or other favorite sauce is a “fancy” appetizer that tames the hungriest beasts. It takes seconds to add a toothpick to nuggets, but it makes all the difference in the world.

Sausage Bites

This is another crowd-pleaser that involves our favorite family appetizer tricks: sticks and dips. Any type of sausage will work for this, including polish sausage, sausage bites, or even hot dogs. Throw the sausage into the oven and bake. Add some toothpicks and a yummy sauce or two. Make it simple.

Win Weeknights

Evenings are crazy. There’s homework, there’s laundry, there’s sports, there’s dinner… Having a handful of appetizer ideas on hand is a fast, simple way to calm nerves and bring people together. We think the following elements are essential to a weeknight app:

  • Zero prep. No chopping or mixing.
  • A bite or two of protein is the best way to calm a raging hunger.
  • Sticks and dips are super easy ways to add an element of fun that involves zero prep.
  • Appetizers aren’t meant to spoil any appetites or replace dinner. They’re a bite, or two (or three), meant to buy you a bit more time with the rest of your dinner plans.

Keep these and other similar appetizer ingredients on hand. You’ll never have to suffer through another “witching hour” again.