July 15, 2024
Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes For Anyone Looking To Reduce Their Meat Intake In 2021

Eating less meat has been one of the main culinary trends in countries worldwide for many years, and it shows no signs of going anywhere.

There are many health benefits of eating less meat, but if you’re used to enjoying juicy steaks and tender chicken, you might find the transition difficult.

Here are ten amazing vegetarian recipes that are easy to make and so delicious that you won’t miss meat and can enjoy embracing the vegetarian lifestyle.


Hummus is a classic dip beloved by everyone, be they vegetarian, vegan or even a meat-eater. It only has two main ingredients: chickpeas and tahini, a sesame paste. Hummus is a flexible dish, as you can add flavorings as you see fit. So, it’s a quick and easy crowdpleaser that’s ideal for parties.

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a great way for vegetarians to get all the nutrients they need quickly and easily. Most green smoothies are made from raw vegetables and fruits. Raw food is renowned for its health benefits, so consider putting some delicious fresh veggies and fruits into your blender and creating a delicious smoothie.

Veggie Burgers

Burgers are a useful shape that can easily fit into a bun and are great for BBQs. Thankfully, vegetarians can have burgers, and there are many options available. You can either make your own or check out pre-packed veggie burgers to save yourself time and effort.


This delicious Mediterranean dish consists of fresh vegetables, including courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, cooked with basil and oil. It’s a fresh and revitalizing dish that’s great for warm summer nights when you don’t want a heavy evening meal.


Naturally vegetarian, falafel is a small ball made of chickpeas, flour and herbs. It’s a delicious dish that can be served alone as a starter or in a flatbread for a tasty lunch.

A Comprehensive Chart of Vegan Protein Sources

Vegetarian Curry

Curry comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find a vegetarian curry that suits your tastes. Whether it’s a mild lentil dahl or a spicy vegetable vindaloo, there’s something for everyone when it comes to curry.

Pulled Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a delicious fruit that has a meaty texture. It’s renowned as a superfood in many countries and has become trendy over recent years. Pulled jackfruit is ideal for vegetarians and anyone who don’t eat pork but want to enjoy the delicious taste of BBQ sauce and the texture of pork.

Minestrone Soup

The beauty of this thick, hearty Italian soup is that you can adjust it to your tastes. Although the key ingredients are vegetables and pasta, there are no real specifications about the types of each, so you can adjust your Minestrone recipe to suit you.

Vegetable Frittata

A frittata is like a large omelette, but the addition of potatoes makes this a much more filling meal. Frittatas can be served whole or cut into slices, so they’re a great choice for tapas nights or communal lunches with friends.

Glamorgan Sausages

Glamorgan sausages are delicious parcels of perfectly seasoned leeks made with a rich and tasty Welsh cheese, then coated in breadcrumbs. If you miss beef or pork sausages, then find a recipe for Glamorgan sausages and try it out for a tasty mid-week dinner.

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