July 16, 2024
The Five Most Popular Welsh Cheeses of Wales


We have always heard that the best of best cheese belongs to Wales. It is indeed a common known fact that Wales is one of the biggest producers of good quality cheese. From cheddar cheese to Caerphilly and Camembert to organic blues, the whole range of cheese produced in Wales is sole satisfying.

This is the reason that this mouth watering range of cheese is now called out as Welsh Cheese as it specifically belongs to Wales. So if you are a lover of cheese or even if you call yourself as a person who likes to taste variety of cheese then you should definitely try Welsh Cheese. We can guarantee that you will not regret trying out these flavorful cheeses.

In this article we are going to discuss the five best cheeses of Wales without being biased at all. Follow the article below to learn more about these cheeses.

Best Welsh Cheeses

Y Fenni

This Welsh cheese is made by combining mature cheddar, Welsh ale and wholegrain mustard. It is very easy to melt this cheese. Therefore, it is mostly used on steaks when the final grilling is happening. It is usually coated in either yellow or red wax. The flavor of this cheese is spicy but not the kind which is overbearing.

Little Black Bomber

This cheese is called black bomber because it is coated in black wax. It is an extra mature version of cheddar cheese. It is made up of cow’s milk. The texture is very creamy and smooth. The aroma of this cheese is rich. The flavor is caramel like and very strong.

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It is a hard cheese similar to that of cheddar. This welsh cheese is made up of cow’s milk which is pasteurized. Usually it ages from 2 to 4 weeks. Generally it has a very firm and smooth texture underneath its usual rind. However, the aroma is grassy and sweet but the flavor on the other hand is spicy and smooth.


This Welsh cheese uses raw milk specifically from Ayrshire cows. The age of this cheese is around 12 months. The rind is generally moldy and it is usually wrapped in a cloth. Firm, smooth and dense are some of the quality textures of this cheese. However, it becomes chewy and hard with passing age the flavor is somewhat complex, nutty, buttery, grassy and tangy.

Harlech Truckle

This cheese is made with combining pasteurized cow milk, chopped horseradish and chopped parsley. It has a much waxed rind. However, the texture is semi soft, creamy and smooth. The aroma of this Welsh cheese is extremely fresh. The flavors on the other hand are a mixture of spicy, tangy and mild.

Bottom Line

All of these descriptions about different Welsh cheese is provided to explain why these five cheeses are considered the top best Welsh cheese which a person should try in Wales. These cheeses have extremely exotic flavors. Aromas are very attractive as well. So, whenever you hit next to Wales then try these cheeses definitely. https://www.blasarfwyd.com/

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