July 15, 2024
The 5 Best Liquors for Your Wedding – What to Serve and Why


When it comes to special occasions like a wedding celebration, there is perhaps no drink more special than Champagne. The distinguished beverage is a great choice for a wedding for several reasons. For one, a 3l Ace of Spades champagne is an elegant drink that pairs nicely with formal attire and your venue’s ambience. When it comes to serving glasses, Champagne flutes are the default selection. Champagne is also an affordable option that can help keep the cost of your wedding within reason. Champagne does have the potential to be slightly overbearing at a wedding if you choose the wrong kind. The problem with most Champagnes is that they have a higher-than-average alcohol content. The higher ABV means you may want to consider serving fewer glasses of Champagne or serving it as a mid-meal or end-of-evening toast as opposed to serving it throughout the meal.


Rum is a liquor that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. The sweet, caramel flavor of a Cutwater three sheets spiced rum can be mixed with virtually anything to create a delicious cocktail. A rum-based drink is a great way to accommodate guests who prefer mixed drinks or who may be driving home after the wedding. What’s more, rum is an affordable liquor option that can help keep the cost of your wedding down.


Whisky may not have the same ring to it as Champagne, but it should be at the top of your list of liquors to serve at your wedding. Although the drink is thoroughly associated with the Scottish, it is also produced in Ireland, Japan, the United States, and Canada. The popularity of whisky is growing around the world, meaning you can expect your guests will be familiar with the flavor profile and appreciate a delicious, high-quality glass of a Blanton’s blue label. Whisky is a strong, bold drink that is widely considered to be a man’s drink. It pairs nicely with traditional wedding cuisine and has a high ABV that can keep your guests relaxed and happy throughout the night.


Tequila, like whisky, is a liquor that guests are likely to appreciate at a wedding. But unlike whisky, tequila is also something people are likely to drink frequently in their day-to-day life. Tequila’s popularity in the United States has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It’s a spirit that has the potential to bridge cultural gaps, making tequila the perfect liquor to serve at a diverse wedding. A chaquira tequila works well with lighter fare at a wedding, like salads and appetizers. It’s also a tasty ingredient in cocktails. You’ll want to monitor the amount of tequila you serve, as it packs a hefty alcohol content. One serving of tequila has more alcohol than a serving of whisky.

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Gin is another high-quality liquor that is both affordable and easy to mix with other ingredients to create a cocktail. The neutral-tasting liquor is also extremely versatile. What’s more, gin is a drink that is enjoyed by countless people around the world, meaning that your guests are sure to appreciate a delicious gin cocktail. Gin has also been on the rise in recent years and is a great way to demonstrate your love for classic cocktails.


Finally, if you want to go with an American-made spirit that can stand up to whisky and is certain to please your guests, a glass of bourbon is a perfect choice. Bourbon is a strong, flavorful liquor that is well-known for being produced in Kentucky. The drink is extremely popular in the southern United States and is quickly becoming a drink that is enjoyed worldwide.


Hosting a successful wedding is not an easy task. You need to plan everything from your dress to the food served at your reception. And the liquor you choose to serve can make or break the celebration. Choosing the right liquor for your wedding means considering not only your guests’ preferences, but also the tone you want to set for your big day. It means picking liquors that are delicious and memorable. Oh, and it also means not forgetting to order your drinks a few months in advance.