July 15, 2024
Top 5 Most Loved BBQ Dishes in Brooklyn

We enjoy meals with our tongue and nose. Most of what you perceive as flavor when you put something in your mouth has to do with the food’s aroma. That is why smelling the magnificent aroma of succulent meat on a hot grill, gets your mouth all watery and your belly all rumbly.

Talking of grilled foods, the first thing that comes to mind is barbecue. Barbecue dishes come in all forms, tastes, and aromas. In the past, a good BBQ beef brisket was associated with Texas.

As for pulled pork and pork ribs, no one could do it quite like Tennessee. Today, however, the barbecue landscape has changed. And, you can get a just as great barbecue restaurant Brooklyn as anywhere else in the country.

So, if you are thinking of grabbing some BBQ for a regular dinner or a celebration, here are some of the most loved BBQ choices you should definitely try here in Brooklyn:

1. BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends

If you have never had a brisket burnt ends plate, this is the perfect dish to try this season. Burnt ends and brisket are more or less the same things. With burnt ends, however, you get the burnt trimmings from a brisket that has been smoked for hours.

What ends up on your plate are tender, fatty, smoky, and crunchy meat cubes that will melt in your mouth. BBQ burnt ends are traditionally served with baked beans, potato salad/ loaded fries, and coleslaw. But feel free to switch it up!

2. BBQ Chicken Wings

Barbecue chicken wings work well as an appetizer as well as a main meal. The wings are coated with BBQ sauce and cooked in the pit, oven, or grill. This gives the dish its signature crispy inside and sticky sweet outside. This meal is truly flavorful, and you can easily have one too many pieces. The best part is you can choose your heat level, from mild to really hot.

3. BBQ Pork Ribs

Almost everywhere you go, Americans are obsessed with pork ribs. And with good reason. BBQ pork ribs are absolutely delicious.

The best and brokest BBQ in Brooklyn

When perfectly seasoned, smoked, and grilled, pork ribs are tender, juicy, sticky, and fall right off the bone. You can perfectly pair your ribs with baked potatoes, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, or even sweet potatoes.

4. Pulled Pork Plate

Pulled pork is a dish that involves cooking a pork shoulder in a slow cooker for hours until the meat is tender enough to pull into strips. Spiced with barbecue sauce, pulled pork can be eaten as is, along with a side of, for instance, mashed potatoes. But in many cases, you eat it in a sandwich, with slaw.

5. Prime Brisket Plate

For the ultimate barbecue experience, how about prime brisket cuts? Prime brisket is the highest grade of beef, usually from young cows with exquisite marbling. As for preparing, prime brisket is usually aged and intricately prepared by hand to give you a luxury, unforgettable barbecue eating experience.

There Are Lots of Dishes to Choose from in Your Favorite Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn

Barbeque dishes are great for every occasion and weather. They fit perfectly as celebratory meals and even comfort foods. Lucky for you, you can find terrific dishes right in just about every barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn. Give these five most loved dishes a try today and experience the rich taste and flavor Brooklyn has to offer.