July 15, 2024

Vices of the western world

When it comes to addiction, people almost always associate the word with illegal drugs. However, addiction as a term encompasses any activity that triggers dependence and creates the complex brain disease. Addiction can be rooted from activities, people, medical drugs and of course, street drugs. It is easy to say to street drug causes addiction but medical drugs can actually be more dangerous at times as proven by the numerous facilities that include prescription drug addiction treatment in their services.

Medical Drugs

The common misconception when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs is that it is perfectly safe. Technically, medical drugs are there to aid people but the problems lies in the misuse of it. Using these drugs without any consent from the doctor may lead to misuse that can then cause addiction. According to global statistics, more people actually die from pharmaceutical drug abuse than street drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Medical drugs are often purely chemical in nature and were really made to take control over the body to help it, but in misuse, these drugs may be the one to turn against your brain. Without proper management and strict orders of dosage, medical drugs can be misused and can cause addiction, and at times can even be considered as a “gateway drug” to the other illegal substances.

Street Drugs

It is not a hidden fact that street drugs are dangerous. Unlike medical drugs, these street drugs are not made in any accredited lab which means the formula for these drugs can be easily altered to add extremely dangerous chemicals that would increase its effects. These drugs obviously do not come with any pharmaceutical facts which mean you are taking the substances blindly. Street drugs often target the brain directly to rig the body’s natural rewarding system revolving around dopamine, endorphins, and the like.  Overdose of street drugs could lead to complicated permanent brain damage such as hallucinations and body poisoning.

Illegal or not, misusage of drugs can lead to addiction. Addiction is not to be taken lightly as it may not be much as a disease but its side effects are very dangerous and can cause people their lives. Obviously, taking street drugs is a big no but things get a little complicated when talking about medical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are there to help and if you are to take one, make sure to keep your eyes on your goal to help yourself in order for you to follow the prescriptions.