July 15, 2024

Having excess weight may be one of the physical disorders that people feel needs immediate attention. If you are obese or overweight, you have probably scoured books and websites, or even asked a friend what to do to change your predicament.

Obese or overweight are defined as abnormal or unnecessary fat accumulation that may harm health. The difference is in the Body Mass Index (BMI) classification. Overweight people have BMI greater than or equal to 25, while obesity falls under the BMI of 30 and over.

In the data gathered by WHO in 2014, around 39% of the adult population are found to be overweight. Of this, 13% of these adults are obese.

While this number can be quite alarming, there are ways to combat excess weight. Exercise and proper diet together is one foolproof way to shed that extra weight. However, it is not as easy as simply saying it, so anyone devising a weight loss regimen might need the help of weight loss pills to push them in the right direction.

The first thing you have to learn is that there are different types of weight loss pills, and each one works differently than the others. Before you choose what to buy, consider three types that can help you in your slimming efforts.


The most common weight loss pills out in the market today are appetite suppressants or anorectics (“no appetite”), and they have been around since the 1950s. As the name suggests, these pills can suppress hunger, thereby controlling your food intake.

Components of the hunger-suppressing pills work by restraining mechanisms of the body involved in hunger. They either trick your brain into thinking you are full (through high-fiber content) or stops you entirely from feeling hungry. They are able to help produce central nervous system stimulators like epinephrine that can get rid of hunger pangs.

Many people who have undergone a strict diet will tell you that the first few weeks are a constant struggle with your appetite, so this type of pills will certainly help you get rid of that urge to binge-eat.

Remember, these pills are not food substitutes, so you should always eat the right portions at the right time!


Another type of popular weight loss pills are fat burners. These supplements are a combination of choice herbs and chemicals that act in more ways than one: kickstarts metabolism, increases energy and suppresses appetite.

Fat burning is an integral part of weight loss but little do some people know that when fat is burned, it simply changes form like water or steam. This means that to burn fat, the need for increased physical activity is also a must.

To make the most out of fat burners, here are 5 ways they should NOT be used:

  1. DO NOT go over the recommended daily intake

If the label tells you to take only one tablet daily, don’t think that taking two will make it work twice as fast. This is simply a misguided myth.

Fat burners contain more than one ingredient. They are formulated in specific ratio that will stay in the body for a limited amount of time. This means that going over the recommended serving may increase the amount and time an ingredient stays in the body, potentially harming you in the process.

  1. DO NOT treat them  like maintenance medication

Fat burners are stimulants, and they mainly work by hastening metabolic processes. In the long run, the body will get accustomed to the changes brought about by these pills, until the can no longer be effective.

The effectiveness of fat burning pills rely on the fact that it can help you reach your goal, and once you reach your desired weight, it is best to maintain it by a progressive lifestyle modification.

  1. DO NOT expect to achieve the same results as other users!

Every experience will vary from people to people. We all have different metabolism rates, adding to the fact that fat burners are formulated with diverse ingredients, so no two pills that are the same.

If a friend recommends you a pill, you may try it but if it does not work for you then there is no need to worry. There are other fat burners in the market; you only have to find the best and safest one that will work for you.

  1. DO NOT intentionally tempt yourself

Always remember this: you are not a superhero. There is only so much exposure you can have with food until you give in. It is therefore important to prepare food that will help you with your weight loss program. High fiber foods, for example, are good sources of nutrients that can make you feel fuller longer.

  1. DO NOT use fat burners as compensation for when you commit an eating offense

Metabolism is commonly driven by heat, and fat burners usually have a thermogenic effect—meaning they raise basal body temperature to help the body metabolize faster. However, they can only raise it by up to one degree.

To effectively burn all that burgers and pizza you consumed, sweating it out in the gym will still be the most efficient method.


Fat blockers are the most controversial weight loss pill type. They claim to block the absorption of carbohydrates and fat. When you consider the reality, this begs to answer some questions: where will the carbohydrate and fat intake go? Do carb and fat blockers really work?

The answer: fat that you intake will not be broken down by enzymes, but are instead excreted out of the body.

Fat blockers are the most neutral pills as proven clinical studies. It also does not have any effect on the nervous system, making it highly recommended and prescribed by medical professionals.

One example of a promising weight loss pill is the Sletrokor, a naturally-formulated medication from Garcinia cambogia, Aloe vera, Cascara sagrada, and Gymnema sylvestre. It works by preventing the liver from transforming calories into fat.

When choosing weight loss pills, you must always consider that it is both safe and effective. The most efficient pills will help you achieve your weight goal in the safest manner.

For long-term weight loss programs, opt for fat blockers to supplement your plan. On the other hand, appetite suppressing pills and fat burners will help you initiate faster weight loss results.

Whatever your pill of choice, don’t forget that your willpower and effort are the main ingredients for a successful weight loss.