July 16, 2024
Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is absolutely crucial when it comes to serving and preparing food to the public. By following guidelines and practices, put in place to avoid issues and hazards, it reduces the risk of contamination and worst case scenario, food poisoning and possibly death. For every single business which is in the food industry, they should have a food hygiene rating and this is conducted and carried out by a professional environmental health officer. They essentially measure the hygiene and practices that are carried out in the premises, and then evaluate which level they stand. Very hygienic, somewhere in the middle or not hygienic at all. This helps customers decide whether they want to eat there or not.

If you were to estimate the score you’d receive on your food hygiene, what would you give your business from 1-5? (1 being poor, 5 being excellent).

Many businesses that prepare, cook and serve food to the public do follow strict policies in order to build their reputation for good food, good customer service and so on, but one negative review can have a serious, harmful impact on overall business.

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The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

This scheme has the power to strip your business away from everything that you have built. It’s a legal requirement to display the rating scheme in their premises. Here’s the scores and what they mean:

0 – This means the inspector has evaluated the premises and found some serious concerns for public safety that needs immediate action.

1 – A score of 1 means that inspector feels the need for major improvements due to hygiene issues.

2 – 2 is still a poor score, and again, this is likely to mean that the inspector feels that improvement needs to be made.

3 – A score of 3 lies in the middle of the scheme. It’s not great but it’s not exactly good, let’s just say an okay score. It means there are some issues that need to be tackled but they do not pose an immediate threat.

4 – This score is relatively good and is likely to mean there were only a few minor issues.

5 – The score everyone wants. A score of 5 essentially means that the officer sees the environment in very high standards and meets good food hygiene standards.

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How To Improve Food Hygiene?

The most efficient way to improve your food hygiene, is by educating and learning core aspects of it through training courses, books and other materials available. Food hygiene certificates enable customers and visitors to know that you have taken the necessary action in order to provide good food hygiene. This in return ultimately earns trust and increases brand awareness. If you want to learn more, see the benefits of food hygiene certificates for businesses.

The Basic Steps of Food Safety





This is a very basic understanding of food hygiene that we should all follow, even when we’re in the home. For individuals working in a food environment, the appropriate and necessary training needs to be met and properly adhered to. It’s very important to take into consideration the impact your food hygiene standards can have on the public, and on the business itself.