July 16, 2024
Australia’s Best Potato Chips

Keep a packet of these chips on standby for lazy afternoons, even picnics and barbeques. These are Australia’s BEST potato chips.

Chips are one of the most favorite snacks not just for Aussies but for most countries. It could be thin or crinkle cut, sour cream and onion, cheese, salt and vinegar, sweet chili, barbeque, honey soy, chicken flavoured or just a good classic originally salty chip (salivating yet?)

These are commonly partnered with your choice of beer or “softdrink” (aka. Soda).

What Flavour Is Rated as #1?

Based on the 2019 survey by the website news.com.au, Aussies have spoken that Smith’s Chips Original flavour was Australia’s number one chip on the market . Do you agree with this result? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below this post.

Here’s a list of the top contenders:


Considered as one of the most iconic Aussie chips, Twisties are widely known for its type of cheese curl, corn-based bite and are available mainly in Australia. But you can order them internationally from The Australian Food Shop. Landing on the market shelves in the early 1950s, Twisties have been loved by both oldies and new kids on the block alike with each passing year.


Originally flavoured in cheese and chicken, they also launched a variety of tastes like bacon, tangy barbeque, tomato tang, flamin’ hot and others.

  • Burger Rings

An absolute cult classic among Australian’s. Described as a type of onion ring–like, corn-based, burger-flavoured Australian snack food. If you know an Australian, ask them about burger rings to bring memories of their childhood flooding back to them.

  • Kettle

The perfect chips to bring in any party or gatherings. Known for being 100% all-natural, these crunchy delicious potato chips are loved for its slow-cooked chips in the unique Kettle way, and seasoned perfectly.

Some of its famous flavours are sea salt, honey soy chicken and sweet chilli + sour cream.

  • Thins

Australia’s favourite thin and light, delicious and crispy potato chips

  • Cheezels

It is pretty obvious why, because of its flavour. Made from corn and rice, they are a crisp puffy ring with a strong, savoury cheddar cheese flavour and aroma. They are similar in texture to a cheese puff, or the American Cheetos.

Whatever brand or taste that captures your taste buds, potato chips will forever be part of our lives enjoying its crunch, from a pouch on the couch, or together with the bunch and a punch, or mixed in a tray within a party.