July 15, 2024
Halal Food

When a person moves and shifts to foreign countries, he misses out many things amongst which the most common thing is finding halal food easily. It could be quite difficult sometimes to go to a new place and search for halal meat. Due to which it is recommended that a person should read all the necessary and valuable guides before opting for new food in a new place. After shifting or moving abroad, that is the time when a person realizes the importance of the question that food is halal or is it halal meat. Unlike as compared to his home when he used to pick up any food in the surrounding without pondering whether this food will be halal or not. When a person moves to a place that is a non-muslim community then it must be noted and realized that the liberty to eat anything is taken away from them. It should be noted that a person should be very careful and vigilant when choosing a food for himself and should first confirm its authenticity of being halal or not. If you are new to these things and don’t know much about it then there is no issue, this article has got you covered. This article will cover the complete guide to finding Halal food in New Zealand.

Grills and Shakes uses halal meat

Ones, who are already residing in Auckland, know how much important role does Grills and Shakes play to please their taste buds by providing completely halal food. As the name suggests, they are famous for their mouthwatering grills made up of halal meat and amazing shakes. It is said that they offer a huge variety of shakes and offer up to 60 kinds of them. According to the satisfied customers, once a person tries their shake it is nearly impossible to like and try some other new shake in town. If you are pondering about its address, then its located at 473 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021.

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Paradise Indian Food is made of halal meat

Besides some western dishes such as grills and shakes, New Zealand has a lot more to offer which includes some desi cuisine and a restaurant named Paradise Indian Food. As the name suggests itself, all of the dishes that are served are the specialties of India made with halal meat. Their special dishes include oven clay kebabs, biryani and much more. Besides this, they also love to serve their customers with a buffet menu which includes different types of biryani form Hyderabadi biryani to all the way to kofta biryani. It is located at 591 Sandringham Rd, Auckland 1025 and is a must-try.

Islamic Centre Kitchen Open uses halal meat

Talking of the halal food and not talking about Islamic Centre Kitchen Open would be an injustice to the readers. They are based in Hamilton and share a kitchen to serve halal food and can be shared amongst travelers. This kitchen is open to all and tends to serve some amazingly delicious dishes. Muslim travelers are also given a chance and are encouraged to try their luck at cooking. Their steak is their trademark dish which is completely made up of halal meat. One can simply find them at Markaz-e-Jaitoon, 70 Taupiri St (Ground Floor), Te Kuiti.