July 15, 2024
Zodiac Signs and Food 1 Samiksha FOOD CSP

Did you know even your favorite cuisine is based on your zodiac sign? Yes you read it right, what cuisine attracts you the most also depends on your horoscope. Let’s see what is the favorite cuisine and dessert of the different zodiac signs


Aries is a fire sign which means they are a lover of hot and spicy food, so their favorite cuisine is Vietnamese which tingles your senses. You also need plenty of carbs in your diet sp slurp on a hot bowl of Pho soup or a hot dish of Pho ga which will satisfy your spicy cravings. You would like to end your meal with a hot spice chocolate cake.


As you sign signifies, you are the bull and take decisions with your heart so the perfect cuisine for you is Indian because that satisfies the soul. It is both comforting and has a blast of flavors which is what you crave. The perfect meal for is Naan and some warm Dal Tadka, the good old basics and end it with some hot piping jalebis.


Geminis have a twin personality so no one can really understand you; similarly your palate is quite wide so Chinese should be your go to cuisine. Just like your personality is a mixture of many emotions, Chinese cuisine is a mixture of so many flavors. You love your chilly garlic noodles with flavorful gravy and some spring rolls and dim sums too. End this perfect meal with a Grasshopper’s pie which is again a mixture of mint and chocolate at once.


Cancers love comfort food; they want something they can eat while they are binging on their favorite shows. American cuisine has everything a Cancer wants, comfort food which you can eat while sitting on the couch and you don’t even need any cutlery. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, these are the foods Cancers live for, and lastly the good old cheesecake to complete their meal.


Leos are the creative lot, they don’t compromise on anything and they want everything to stand out so Greek cuisine is the perfect cuisine for them. just like Leos, Greek cuisine is unique and stands out, so go ahead and enjoy a spread of Feta, lamb skewers, parfaits and last but not the least end it with cupcakes which give Leos another chance to show off their creativity.


You are the healthy eaters, and have the strength to resist all kinds of temptations. Virgos are the kind of people who would prefer homemade food over a fancy restaurant, so Mediterranean cuisine is the perfect match because it has warm and soothing flavors. Their perfect meal consists of Potato salads, Griddled chicken, lamb cutlets and they end their meals with literally anything that has chocolate, because what spells comfort more than chocolate.


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Libras have a knack for fancy things and like to keep things classy. They are the kind of people who like to dine at fancy restaurants with a good old wine. Whenever they host a party, everything is perfect and classy so nothing suits their taste better than Japanese Cuisine, the exquisite sushi rolls, ramen bowls and obviously ends their meals with a wiggly tower of pancakes!


Scorpios are very passionate and have a very strong personality but at the same time know how to control themselves so the best cuisine for them is French, because no cuisine has such powerful yet gracious delicacies. They dream of French Onion Soups, Ratatouilles, Roasted duck and obviously end their scrumptious meal with some dark chocolate for their dark and passionate side.


Sagittarius have a very happy go lucky nature, they can light up any room and hence are attracted by the Spanish cuisine because no one can be unhappy with spicy tortillas, or a good old chicken pie. The smell of Spanish food can bring smiles to everyone’s face. Their perfect meal ends with some classic brownies with ice-cream or Churros!


Capricorns are the most loyal people you will ever come across, they are very hard working so when they relax they go all in. they would want a meal which is comforting and flavorful so their favorite cuisine has to be Italian, there is nothing more comforting and yummy than a big pizza or a bowl of spaghetti or a classic lasagna and to make it the best meal, end it with some Tiramisu.


Aquarius are the home boys, they love cooking for their family and friends and keep trying out new recipes. So their style is a mixture of home cooking and street and this is what Mexican food is all about. A perfect family dinner for an Aquarius consists of Chicken tacos, Nachos, Burrito and some Gummy bears.


Pisces love trying out new things, they like to mix match things and are open to multi cultural cuisines, so the British cuisine is perfect for them because it has a combination of so many flavors. The Chicken pot pies, scotch eggs, sausages and to top it off with some funfetti cake just makes a Pisces so happy