July 16, 2024


People around the world love brunch not only because it’s probably the only socially-acceptable day-drinking event, but also because of the magnificent and varied brunch dishes that one can choose from. From scrumptious waffles to other delicious carb-y brunch options – brunch has a lot to offer!

Sydney is famous for its unique yet tantalizing foods that you can have at brunch. These amazing brunch dishes will have you wanting to visit Sydney over and over again.

Here are a few great Sydney brunch dishes that are worth travelling to the city for.

Milk Tea Brick Toast Tower

If you’ve ever gotten a taste of this majestic milk tea brick toast tower, you wouldn’t mind crossing oceans to delve in its amazing taste again. This delicious brunch item entails stacked up honey toast bricks that are topped with crunchy macadamia nuts, brown sugar pearls, different kinds of berries, and milk tea cream cheese foam.

Knafeh French Toast

If you’re craving a scrumptious dessert, this tantalizing brunch menu item has got you covered. This brunch item is a unique twist on the classic French toast. With this dish, you get a mouthful of French toast filled with deliciously sweet cheese custard!

Creamy Chili Prawn Pasta

Who doesn’t love pasta and prawns? Putting these two magical ingredients together creates a dish that your taste buds will thank you for. This mouth-watering item that entails spinach, peas, cherry tomatoes, and pulled lamb, which is topped off with parmesan cheese is truly irresistible. You can find this delicious brunch item on the Blake st kitchen menu in Sydney.

Blackberry Porridge

Porridge is an extremely popular breakfast option. This brunch menu item has is essentially a spinoff of porridge. This delicious dish comprises of bruleed bananas and figs that are topped with toasted coconut and fresh berries. It will have you drooling the instant you lay your eyes on it. This blackberry porridge will definitely warm you up on a cool Sunday morning.

Zucchini and Corn Fritters

This tantalizing dish will have your mouth watering. This fancy dish comprises of perfectly fried corn and zucchini fritters that are served with flavoursome avocado salsa, tasty garlic aioli, and a perfectly poached egg with a precise yolk spill. This dish truly is a classic and delectable-looking brunch item that will make for the perfect Instagram post.

Mushroom Fricassee

If you’re looking for something fancy, look no further than the amazing Mushroom Fricassee. You don’t need to be a veggie lover to love this brunch dish. This exquisite dish entails baked mushrooms served with potatoes and a chunk of cheese – it’s so tasty that it will make even hardcore meat lovers drool.

Chicken Quinoa Salad

Searching for a tasty yet light brunch menu item? Then look no further than a chicken quinoa salad. You can find this super-light brunch item concocted with different healthy ingredients at the Blake Street Kitchen Kogarah. The Chicken Quinoa salad features almonds, carrots, roasted beetroot, pumpkin seeds, juicy feta cheese, and some homemade lemon dressing tossed on top of freshly prepared chicken and quinoa. This fresh salad will leave you wanting more.

Old Faithful Beef Burger

There are people who would travel to the moon for the perfect beef burger, but for the old faithful burger, you won’t have to go further than Sydney. You can find this classic brunch dish on the Blake St Kitchen menu. Precisely placed between milk buns is a perfectly juicy beef patty that is topped off with tomatoes, pickles, caramelized onions, and some scrumptious cheese. All these ingredients are drizzled with some finger-licking good homemade burger sauce. The Old Faithful beef burger is served with a tasty side of fries that will have you wanting more.

Avo Toast

Avocado toast has gained recent popularity not only due to its taste but also because it’s super healthy. This special avo toast is topped with different items that will have you travelling back to Sydney again and again. This avo toast is served with poached eggs, bacon, and crispy fried hash browns.

Stuffed Crepes

Crepes are a highly popular brunch menu item. They can be either savoury or sweet. These stuffed crepes will have you going back to Sydney for more. The most popular crepe is the one filled with mascarpone and mixed berry compote. These flavoursome stuffed crepes will make your weekend brunch a ravishing experience!

Coconut Pandan Polenta Porridge

This uber-tasty brunch dish in Sydney is for those who love to devour oats for breakfast every day. This yummy porridge bowls features delicious oats topped with fancy ingredients such as poached apples, rhubarb compote, pistachios, and pearl barley. Not only does this dish taste great, but it also appears like a magical, tropical bowl of joy.

Panna Cotta Granola Bowl

It’s not possible to come to Australia and not try panna cotta. A better combination that will nail your weekend is definitely this culmination of panna cotta and granola. This panna cotta granola bowl will be the prettiest one you’ve ever seen. This delicious brunch delicacy is served with purple taro milk and will have you wanting more!

Gazzi Breakfast

The best brunch dish that will make it completely worth your while to travel to Sydney is the Gazzi breakfast. Available at the Blake Street Kitchen Kogarah, this brunch menu item features home-style beans, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, eggs of your choice (scrambled, fried, or poached), crispy fried bacon, hash browns, and chorizo. This platter takes the perfect brunch items and brings them all together to make the most scrumptious brunch dish.

Listed above are some of the most amazing brunch dishes that you can find in Sydney that are worth travelling for!