July 15, 2024
7 Traditional British Dishes You Need To Try

In these trying times where you cannot go out to eat, or if you just want to stay home in your comfort- food cravings are easily one of the most compelling aspects of need. Having food delivered to your door has been our knight in technology, helping us access food that we crave at the click of a button.

GoodTasteFoods is one of the most effective and efficient local food delivery services available. It provides gourmet meal delivery and frozen meat delivery options, which is a boon for those who would like to have gourmet food in the comfort of their homes. It also serves those who want to cook at home without going out to buy things and yet have high-quality meat to work with. In accordance with the spirit of online delivery, here are seven traditional British dishes you need to try!

Steak and Kidney pie: This is one of the most common British comfort foods, which is well known and savoured all around the world. It is traditionally filled with beef, kidney, fried onions and dark gravy.

2) Pigs in Blankets: This is yet another famous dish, with a cute name to go with its excellent taste. It is made from sausages (the pigs) that are wrapped in a (blanket of) dough and fried or baked. It is a dish that is also seen around Denmark, Ireland, Japan and Canada.

3) Camembert and Brie wedges: These pseudo-traditional, borderline contemporary dishes are renowned for being easy to make, and for being an excellent snack option.

4) Fish and chips: Thick cut potato chips and breaded fish is a combination made in heaven. This dish is easily one of the most popular British dishes around the world.

5) Lobster Bisque: No British meal is complete without soup, and what is better than normal soup? Bisque! This is a creamy seafood soup which is enjoyed all across the world.

6) French trimmed Lamb rack: A good steak elevates any meal to a superior level, and lamb that is made the traditional British way takes the cake!

Hot steamed Puddings: It is only fitting to end the list with dessert! Puddings are one of the classic British desserts that are enjoyed around the globe.

Be sure to try out these traditional dishes, and visit the GoodTasteFoods website to order these dishes at great prices! Bon appétit!