July 15, 2024


Burgers are not a modern-day invention but have come a long way over the years. When we think about burgers, our mind most likely drifts to North America particularly the USA, but burgers are now well-known and famous in many other parts of the world.

If you’re eating lots of burgers, just know you aren’t the only one. Nowadays, every restaurant is selling burgers and the number of burger joints is rapidly increasing across Australia. The first and most obvious answer to the question of why burgers are a global phenomenon is: burgers have everything, they are filling, delicious and yet affordable.

The burger is an economical and satisfying option that appeals to almost everyone. Apart from being affordable and delicious, they are easy to eat. The meat is ground, and you don’t have to chew a lot. The green veggies make it a bit healthier and the cheese binds everything together. It is served on a bun, so it is easy to hold. No cutlery required, no cutting, only lifting.

The best part about burgers is that they come with an array of sides, especially fries. You can also build your own side as per your taste – cheese curds fries or salads are some good options for sides.

Burgers are here to take the world by storm and will likely continue to do so. Another factor of the burger’s popularity is their familiarity. Sometimes, we go out to eat, but we don’t wat to experiment. We want to eat something familiar, and nothing is more familiar than the taste of the burger. A burger is comfort food, the taste and smell of burger conjures up memories of childhood or time spent with family and friends.

All in all, burgers are loved because they are good. They do their job, by making us feel full and also by making our taste buds happy. We should all be grateful to the burger for the delicious flavour it brings.

How a Constructed ‘Super-Sandwich’ Continues to Take the World by Storm

We may have been eating burgers for years, but none of them are the same, nor are they boring. Innovation is the most important factor, that has led to our favourite constructed ‘super-sandwich’ continuing to take the world by storm.

Each of the burger joints we visit serves a burger with different ingredients and different tastes, and people love it.

One of the best examples of innovation in the burger industry is Milky Lane – the best burger restaurant in Australia. Milky Lane serves more than 10 kinds of burgers, and each of them is unique and equally delicious.

Milky Lane also offers customisable options – you can have gluten-free buns, vegan buns, add-ons and sides of your choice. Apart from burgers, they have drinks and cocktails that complement the burger.

If you are a burger lover then you must visit Milky Lane, you can either visit the restaurant, or you can also order online.