July 16, 2024


According to chefs, there are some small mistakes that people commonly do while preparing and cooking chicken, such as forgetting to dry your meat or starting with cold meat. If you want to cook delicious chicken, then it is necessary to avoid those every small mistake. It is also required to clean and separate the chicken after washing it properly to reduce the risk of illness. Further, you will know about 7 different and common mistakes tha people generally do while preparing chicken.

Not Using Fresh Chicken!

Using fresh chicken brings you the taste, hence always remember to cook your food with fresh chicken. People generally start to cook with refrigerated cold meat; therefore, it eventually results in overcooked and uneven cooking. If you want both fresh and delicious meat cutlets, then you can get chicken thigh cutlets at The Meat Store.

Buying Previously Frozen Food!

This is the most common mistake that all people generally do. A chicken should be juicy, and juiciness comes from water if the meat if already frozen then there is no way that it is going to be delicious.

Buying Brine Injected Chicken

Although this point can strike your head because as previously said that the chicken should not be frozen, and here it is mentioned not to buy brine injected chicken. Brine is injected in chicken to improve its texture and flavour.

Taking the Skin Off

It does not matter what the cut you choose for your chicken pieces, but if you take off its skin, then it will surely be going to affect the crispiness and moisture.

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Not Bringing

Bringing is something that many home cooks do not prefer to do, but as per professional chefs, it is essential to bring before preparing delicious food.  Bringing refers to soak the meat in saltwater,  or sugar water, or sometimes herb water.  Bringing does not only going to season it from inside and outside but also it will retain the moisture.

Not Remembering to Dry Your Meat in the Fridge

This is another significant step that people usually forget to look at. It may sound contradictory, that as previously mentioned to bringing it, but this point says to dry it. Yes, the reason we need to dry it because, the inner part of the chicken should be juicy and soft, but the outer skin should be crispy. And crispiness can only be brought by drying it and cooling it.

Not Cooking Each Side Properly.

This condition usually happens, not only just with chicken dishes but also with every dish. Just remember to flip the chicken steak to cook the other side after 8-9 minutes.

Always remember, before cooking chicken, get your all preparations already done, so that you will not face any problem when you are clean, separating, and cooking food. Also, don’t start cooking with cold chicken just after taking out of the fridge! After reading this article, you will probably understand and fix these common problems, and you’ll be ready to cook varieties of delicious meat dishes!