July 15, 2024
Advanced Freezing Methods to Keep Ice Cream Frozen for Longer

Ice cream is a really delicious treat that everyone enjoys. But it is very sensitive to temperature and can melt easily. Moreover, if you store it incorrectly, ice crystals may form. There are a number of methods that can be used to keep ice cream frozen for longer. Usually, an ice cream maker is used to make ice cream. Some ice cream makers have a freezing unit while some need ice for freezing ice cream.

A freezer can also be used as a freezing unit for making ice cream and keeping it frozen for longer. The melting point of ice cream is lower than water that’s why it doesn’t freeze rock hard and stay smooth and easy to eat. If you are using a cooler to keep your ice cream frozen, make sure it can maintain the temperature below 32°F.

Commercial stores or ice cream parlors use ice cream display freezer to keep ice cream frozen. But they should make sure that the temperature of the freezer case must be below 10°F. At home, there are a number of advanced freezing methods that you can use to keep your ice cream frozen for longer.

Store in the Freezer

To keep ice cream frozen, a freezer is the best option. But if you want it to be frozen for longer, keep it away from the freezer door, as far as possible. Because you introduce your products in the freezer with warm air on every door opening. Putting ice cream in the back or beneath the frozen items protects it from melting.

For ice cream freezing the best temperature is below 0°F. At commercial level, it is necessary that shop owners make sure ice cream is frozen at the right temperature. A freezer thermometer can be used to adjust the temperature. Set it for as cold as possible so, your ice cream remains frozen for longer.

Use of Dry Ice

If you are going for a picnic or outdoor party, you can keep ice cream frozen in a cooler. This freezing method is very useful especially if you use dry ice in the cooler. Because dry ice is much colder than regular ice and even colder than your freezer. It is frozen carbon dioxide that has -109.3°F temperature.

Dry ice can make ice cream rock hard so, freeze it correctly so, you can serve it easily. First, use gloves and cover the dry ice with cardboard, towel, or newspaper. Then, put the dry ice at either top or bottom of the cooler. If your ice cream is too frozen, put it away from the dry ice, and if it is a bit melted move closer to ice.

Add Salt to Ice

You can also lower the temperature of the ice cream cooler by adding salt to the ice in the cooler. With this freezing method it is easier to keep ice cream frozen for longer. When ice melts it takes energy in the form of heat from its surroundings. And added salt increase this energy or heat requirement, keeping ice cream cold.

First, place the ice cream bucket in the freezer bag. Then place it at the bottom of your cooler. Cover it with ice fully and then pour salt over it generously.

Put in Pre-Chilled Container

This method when used with the freezing methods mentioned above can keep the ice cream frozen for longer. You can store a lot of ice cream in pre-chilled container or vacuum cup. Some vacuum cups even allow you to put the whole ice cream bucket in. With this method exposure of ice cream with higher temperature reduces and ice cream stay frozen for longer.

Cover the vacuum cup with the lid and put it in the ice cream cooler. Vacuum will provide insulation inside the cooler that will help it to stay frozen.