July 16, 2024
Softshell Fabrics

Softshell fabrics are a type of fabric that has a warm-keeping feature, especially produced for use in winter.

With Tepastex, it is possible to meet the needs with softshell fabrics resistant to 10000 mm water pressure. The fabric content is membrane covered. It can breathe. It consists of 3 layers. The first layer is fabric, the second layer is membrane, and the third layer is fleece. The features of the products produced with softshell fabrics include details such as keeping warm, being waterproof, having a light structure, being flexible and lycra.

Tepastex softshell fabrics are versatile in use. It can be seen in every aspect of our lives, especially in ski suits, fishing suits, warming workers’ vests, daily use, etc. It is possible that we meet in places often. After the fabrics are covered with a breathable membrane, polar fleeces of various colors and weights are created by combining them.

Softshell fabrics are airtight since they consist of three layers. It is possible to use it in all sports activities and nature activities as well as in daily wear. Tepastex has a very important market share in fabric production in the world and in our country. Using the science of engineering, the quality of the product they produce is at the maximum level. It has dominated the market with its product quality, visual presentation as well as price suitability. In the fabric industry, it knows what its customers want, as they have dominated the market for many years. All fabrics produced with Tepastex assurance are within their warranties.

You can supply your fabric needs in any color and pattern you want without stock problems.