July 16, 2024
Surface Sanitiser

Thanks to the chemical components in the surface sanitiser, you can easily destroy the harmful microbes on the surfaces. It is possible to be purified from bacteria, fungi, or harmful microbes at the same time with its disinfectant content that provides a wide protection area. Thanks to its dermatologically tested surface disinfectant, it is sensitive to the environment and human health. It does not react like itching, redness, irritation, or allergy on the skin. It does not contain wax, dyes, or perfumes. Good quality and suitable for health.

Touch Australia disinfectant options include a variety of different types such as halogen-based, alcohol-based, peracetic acid-based. All types of disinfectants are suitable for professional and individual use. It allows the microbe taken from crowded environments by contact or air to be destroyed during the day. Alcohol-based products are especially preferred when using disinfectants. It has a structure with stronger components than other disinfectants.

Touch Australia surface sanitiser can be used on countless surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and door handles. It provides ease of use by spraying the disinfectant to the area you want to clean and wiping it with the help of a clean cloth. Thanks to the high hygiene power provided by Touch Australia, a very superior cleaning is provided on all surfaces. In addition to its wide product range, it provides users with ease of use with different size options. It provides perfect hygiene thanks to the quality service and quality products it has put on the market in terms of cleaning.

The fact that surface cleaners do not contain any substance that could put human health at risk is one of the biggest reasons for preference. With Touch Australia, you can clean your environment with a surface sanitiser with peace of mind.