July 15, 2024
Wedding Dresses

To be a very beautiful bride, it is necessary to choose the wedding dresses model well, not only the perfect body measurements. There are an unlimited number of options among bridal dresses. For those who think this choice is very difficult, I can say that they are quite wrong.

Thanks to Tarik Ediz I became a very lucky bride. I had the wedding dresses of my dreams in a very short time. Do not say whether to buy a wedding dress on the Internet! What to do is actually very simple. The first thing you need to do is know your body type well. There are 5 main body types in total. After determining which body type, we are, you can choose one of your dream models quite easily.  When we look at the body types, those with thin waist, chest and hip size are almost the same have the Hourglass Body Type. For this, the most suitable wedding dress will be a fish model.

Those whose hips are wider than the upper part of their body has a pear body type. In this case, A-cut wedding gowns are suitable for this body type. If you say your waist is thick and hips are straight, you have an apple body type. V-neck low cuts are very suitable for these body types.

If your shoulders are too wide and hips are too narrow, your body type is rectangular. Strapless or halter neck wedding gowns can be preferred by these body types. Those who say that shoulders are wide, breasts and hips are narrow, and legs are thin and long are in the inverted triangle body type. The models that best suit these body types are A or princess cut models. Regardless of your body type, you can easily access your dream wedding dresses with its beautiful, elegant, and unique designs at Tarikediz’s online store.