July 15, 2024
Halal is Good for Your Health and Here’s Why

There is now an increasing number of people who choose to frequent Halal markets in San Francisco to buy Halal food even if they are not Muslim themselves. This is mainly because a lot of consumers have discovered that Halal food offers not just health benefits but also ethical ones. Read on below to know how Halal food can improve both your diet and your overall well-being.

Halal at a Glance

Halal is an Arabic term with the literal meaning “permissible.” To produce Halal poultry or meat, the animal should be slaughtered in a permissible and ritual way. Animals must be healthy and alive at the time of slaughter.

When a product is Halal certified, it means that the product has been raised and slaughtered according to the Islamic law. For meat products to receive the Halal Standard, these must come from acceptable sources such as lamb, chicken, or cow and slaughtered in accordance with these regulations and laws.

Now that you know what halal means, it’s time to learn the reasons why you should start shopping at halal markets for your next grocery haul.

Animals Produce Lesser Fear Toxins

The Islamic way of slaughtering requires that the blood is completely depleted from the corpse, and this results in fresher and better meat that is free from bacteria as well. Aside from this, since the meat is not stressed, this also happens to be free from the soc-called “fear toxins” that produces softer meat free from radicals released every time the slaughtered animals are under stress. A school of thought believes that this would produce healthier and cleaner meat great for both the human body and brain.

Halal Meat Has Better Taste

A lot of people claim that halal meat tends to taste better because the blood present in the meat tends to rot that can have a negative effect on its taste. In addition to having better taste, Halal meat is also more tender. It also stays fresh much longer due because there is no blood present, thus restricting the growth of bacteria.

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Cleaner and Happier Animals

Halal has this extraordinary focus on cleanliness and sanitation based on religion. It implies that animals raised on Halal farms are raised in a different way since Halal farmers must follow the guidelines that their religion has set.

The animals should be treated properly and given clean and healthy feeds. Halal farmers also avoid the use of antibiotics as well as other additives. Additionally, Halal farmers abstain from using synthetic concoctions and anti-infection agents that many other farmers who are only after profits use often.

Halal Boosts Metabolism and Overall Health

Muslims are required to look after their body in the best way possible. One of the main approaches to do it is to ensure that they eat only the highest quality of food. As you already know, healthy ingredients are essential supporting healthy weight, metabolic functions, immune system, and brain.

These are just some of the many benefits of halal that will surely make you want to shop in halal markets in San Francisco soon.